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Theme Park/Snow Day

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I have a game idea that I've been toying with a little bit... well, really two ideas that are sort of the same kind of thing, so I'll probably want to either merge them or focus on one or the other. The themes are: a theme park or a snow day.

I'm thinking of a cross between action point games like Tikal and worker placement games. For the theme park idea, you and your opponents are kids who are dropped off at a big theme park in the morning. You only have so much time (action points) and money, and you are trying to score the most fun before the end of the day. For example, you can get big fun points by going on the roller coaster, but it might not be worth it if the line is too long. You can try to win a big stuffed animal at the Midway, which would be cool to take home (and bring in more fun points), but it might cost you a lot of your money to win, and you'll need to budget your money accordingly to pay for some food and rides and souvenirs.

For the snow day idea, you and your opponents are kids in a neighborhood where school has been cancelled because of a big snowfall. There are several different things to do... sledding, snowball fights, ice skating, etc. And like the theme park idea, you want to have had the most possible fun by the time the day is over. But again, you only have so much time and so many possible actions.

Having just typed out both of those ideas out now, I think the theme park one is stronger, both thematically and in terms of the gameplay potential (managing time, money, movement, etc.), and I can picture a variable board setup with different attractions and a different park layout each time, which would be cool. And maybe each kid/player has a particular personality/background that gives them some special ability throughout the game... one kid is rich and gets more spending money to begin with... one kid has lots of energy so he gets an extra action each turn... one kid is good at talking his way into a better position in line for the rides... That kind of thing. Yeah, the more I think of the theme park game, the more ideas for it seem to come, which is usually a good sign for what to pursue.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions/comments, by all means, feel free to share them. I'd appreciate any input, especially at this fledgling stage.

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amusement park theme

I like the park theme because I think it would be visually more appealling especially if the game has lots of 3-dimensional elements. Kids would definitely want to play it so I'd be careful in not making the gameplay too complex. This idea makes me immediately think of Rollercoaster Tycoon which I'm not sure is good or bad.

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Hi I liked your idea about

I liked your idea about the Theme park ! i will disagree with Monica about reminding Rollercoaster Tycoon as much as i like it though , i think it is about Building a Theme park , not exploring it ! ;)
I believe all kids Love Theme parks and a game giving them the Feeling they are in one would be great ! That with the different characters is also nice , you could also have a dice roll if they want to ride a specific coaster with colors on it ( red and green) which could eventually define if they are allowed to ride it ! if a coaster is too dangerous for kids maybe they will not be allowed to ride it ;) so it would be a risk waiting in a line for it and then not ride it !
the Lines could be random also ! they could draw a card for examble for how big the line could be ! i dont know what target group you want to have , maybe its too complicated for small kids :)
But honestly i found the idea a very fresh one
You even could try to find a theme park as a sponsor !! :D
They could make an offer so they could put their Theme park Plan as the game board ....Imagine having several versions of the game , every time with another famous park :D

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