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WW2 miniature basic rules

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OK! my intention is to simplify, so everyone can easily see the game mechanics.

this is a WW2 infantry miniatures set of rules

the base unit is a squad and has 3 numbers(these numbers can be random, or chose by either the attacker or defender - the numbers are from 1 to 6), but the number of numbers are reduced or increased because of things like cover or a reduced unit, or differrent types of attack like artilary. if you dont roll all the target numbers for a hit optionaly you can assign partial results to a unit eg matching two numbers may cause a retreat. this method requires no record keeping or charts but the numbers are created as needed

this is a miniatures set of rules, it uses 3 numbers per unit, these numbers are the target dice rolls to defeat the unit. EG if a unit has 3 numbers 1 , 4 , 6 then 3 dice rolled need to have the pips of 1 , 4 and 6, but you dont just roll 3 dice you roll a dice pool 3 times , each time you get a match with a unit number you remove a dice from your dice pool and put it on the unit, if you match all 3 unit numbers you defeat it.

that sounds complex so here is another explanation, its like yatsee roll your dice pool, takeout the dice that match a target number, roll dice pool a second time, takeout any dice that match a target number, then roll the dice pool a final 3rd time, and again takeout any dice that match a target number. if you have matched the 3 target numbers of the unit you score a hit.

now if the unit is in heavy cover add a 4th number to the target numbers.

If attacker is artilary reduce the target numbers to two target numbers.

more things can add or reduce how many target numbers you have.

your dice pool is how many dice you attack with, the pool is increased or reduced by useing weapons like machine guns, or range, or a multi unit attack, or air support, or many other factors. the idea is to add a dice or reduce a dice from the pool for each advantage or disavantage.

each move your unit makes is like attacking 3 target numbers to suceed, but you dont needc to match all 3 target numbers, instead no matches means no move, 1 target number matched you get a third of the way, two target numbers matched you get two thirds of the way, 3 target numbers matched you reach the target area.

The dice pool can increase or decrease because of things like transport, or coming under fire, so for each advantage add a dice to the pool, and for each disadvantage remove a dice from the dice pool.

the actual distance to move too can be a long way so the number of target numbers are added to make it harder, or the distance can be close so a target number is removed.

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hi. a nice simple war game. i

hi. a nice simple war game. i am not sure how you get the various modifiers (i presume its all to do with your relitive position on the map) but I'm sure you have that figured out.
when you roll do you have to match one of your numbers exactly on any one die (e g roll at least one 6) or do you have to match/beat that number (eg roll 6 or better with n dice?) the first option seems a lot harder to roll (depending on the dice pool) but simpler.the second option would give the opportunity to introduce extremely heavy weapons or giant sized units

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Streamline Movement

Sounds good. It's nice to see you taking one of your original ideas and expanding upon it to add new dimensions of tactics and choices for the player. You're edging into wargame territory which is not exclusively my wheelhouse, but I do have some thoughts.

If I were being nit-picky, I'd suggest you remove the dice-throws for movement, instead giving three movement points to each unit the player wants to move. Modify this distance for terrain. For example, if it's entirely on a road or track, they can move five spaces. If they move in mountainous or heavily-wooded terrain, they reduce it to two spaces.

I have other thoughts on unit health/armour, minimum and maximum range, and a few other things. But I wanted to check your temperature on movement first. Additionally, there are a number of other topics here that touch on movement, attacks, and so on regarding wargaming, so it would be worth your time to do some skimming for those.

Keep up the great work, MarkA! :)

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Thought on Numbers

Since you won't have to worry about the player needing to choose a target in most cases (unlike in your micro-game version with the columns and rows), you may as well use the same three numbers to qualify as a hit. If multiple targets are in range of the attacker, the attacker must choose which unit they are targeting before they throw the dice.

Simply choose a set of any 3 numbers (like 4, 5, 6) to qualify as a general hit, and players won't need to constantly look at unit tokens to determine which numbers are required to hit a specific target.

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that's brilliant, thankyou

that's brilliant, thankyou. I was thinking of movement as being a command issue not terrain, but all sounds good.

wob you roll some dice and compare what matches, but the amount of dice you roll is your dice pool that can go up or down

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