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Card Names

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Usually on my way to work, I ponder about ways to improve my game. I almost get more critical here than I do when I'm in the shower! (my secondary thinking space).

My thought process during this time was on what I should call the cards that are placed on the field and can be manipulated. These are the "units" that you cast. But when examining the default state of the cards I wanted them to be a "Being", per say. But later down the line of production I want to introduce an attribute called "Structure" and also "Vehicle" that will further define the "Being" or the "Unit". So a Plasma Turret will have a "Structure" attribute which prevents it from being moved and operates differently in combat (as apposed to a standard "Being"). But a Dark Knight would not have a specified attribute because it is a standard "Unit"/"Being".
Another example would be Heavy Tank: it would have the "Vehicle" attribute that requires a "Being" to operate it (both on the same space.

My question I guess is...

First: does this make sense?

Second: what should I call the cards that are casted onto the field? This includes the standard "Being" without any special attributes, "Vehicles" and "Structures"?

My ideas...

Mentumorphs (all things that are casted are created from a resource called Monumentum - Mentum for short).





... any input would be appreciated

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Perhaps I don't understand

Perhaps I don't understand the question, but I feel like you are just laying out the categorization for games like Magic, where you put into play a creature, which also happens to be a wall, using Mana. Do you just need to hammer out terms for a re-skinning of that game?

Mana = Creature > Wall
Mentum = Creature > Mentumorph

Also, naming your resource Mentum will inevitably lead to this comparison:

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In the earlier stages of the game I stuck with Mentumorph but as the game progressed (maybe in order to make the concept easier to grasp) I went with calling them "Units".

Although, in your example you would replace "creature" with any of my examples above (or one of your own) and the "wall" example with "Being" (the default for any card), "Structure", "Vehicle", "Area", etc. (If given their respective attribute).

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