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A Crafter's Manifesto: A Long Run

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The Game Crafter
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Every few years our CEO, JT Smith, sits down to write something that started as "A Crafter’s Manifesto: End of an Era". The goal is to identify some of our weaknesses in the past and to draft a plan to address those weaknesses for the future, so that we as a company, and the entire community that supports us, can continue to grow and thrive as we continue to innovate.

So with that, grab yourself a tasty beverage as you nestle in for a lengthy read about the future of The Game Crafter.

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An interesting read for sure...

I'd suggest all Game Designers who actively partake in TGCs services go to this URL/Link and read the "Manifesto". It's not too long but it does show that TGC has faced some difficult times through the Pandemic and even after it demonstrates like everyone in the industry, the costs are going up just like shipping fees which demonstrate that the costs of running a business are also more expensive too.

Aside from that there is some information of Steel Cutting for the making of any products over 10 copies (bulk). This also is worthwhile reading so that you can be aware of the impact... I'm sure everyone has a lot of questions.

So we're going to have to wait a bit until the time comes to ordering more games and components to see the impact on costs... In any event TGC has been a great innovator in the Market. And I'm sure we have not heard the last from JT and TGC... Cheers!

let-off studios
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Onward & Upward

It was enlightening and pleasant news to read about TGC's plans for the future. Your level of transparency is admirable, and shows that you've wanted to work with the design community since day one.

Personally, I completely empathize with your struggles with laser-cut pieces. :)

Here's to your continued success, TGC team!

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