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Critique the Dec 2008 GDS Challenge Entries

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Use this thread to post constructive critiques of the entries submitted in response to the December 2008 Challenge in the monthly Game Design Showdown. This month's Challenge was entitled "Spirit of Giving", and can be found here:


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  • Bailout!
    Oy, this one is complicated! I guess I see the giving, but not so much the theme. I feel like there should be more negotiation between players if this is actually a bailout. Still, I like the value idea and the reuse of a Monopoly board. The dice rules are almost certainly too complex (and who wants to roll 28 d20 and not be able to touch them all game?)
  • One Man's Trash
    I think this one should be interesting and quick. I like it very much. I do have a couple questions, however. First, is a box set only a set of four? And if so, does it have to be your whole hand (I assume not, since Bargain Bin shopping increases your hand size, but then is A2349J a winning hand?)? Also, it strikes me as very likely that it will end too quickly - ie before everyone has had a turn. A straight is not that hard to find, especially if you can pull any 2 cards you want from the Bargain Bin (even though this "straight" seems more like a traditional "straight flush"). Still, a quick game that might be very fun, especially when played in a series of hands.
  • Christmas Shop Assistant
    I'm not seeing the giving (seems more like buying) but since it's Christmas, I guess it counts anyway :). I think the rules for determining the winner of the shopper card are a bit clunky as explained, but would probably work well in practice despite that (also, I note the examples fail to explain what happens in the event of a conflict between, say 9H+3C vs. the all-hearts better or the higher heart?) Still, another quick, probably exciting, definitely easy card game that could be fun when played rapidly over an evening.
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Should have capitalized "end"


I designed One Man's Trash, and I see now that it's easy to miss the significance of "end" with regards to the Bargain Bin. If you imagine a game of rummy, where a line of cards slowly builds up next to the deck, and you can only draw the last card from this line, that's what I was going for here. So you wouldn't be able to pick every card you wanted right out of the bargain bin, only the ones on the end. This is also why you shuffle the bargain bin between each turn.

And yes, a winning hand would include a straight [flush] or four-of-a-kind, but not consist entirely of it, just as you may have a full set of beatles albums in your record collection, but also other albums.

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I kinda figured

I kinda figured that you had designed one of I see what you're saying, and again, I think getting a straight (flush) or 4 of a kind should happen pretty reasonably quickly, but I will reiterate that I think it's a good game and I want to play it :). Thanks for the clarification. Good design!

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