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[GDS] APRIL 2014 "Fool me once..." Comments and Questions

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I agree with Mr. S that a

I agree with Mr. S that a thread per game is good. Maybe in a different (new/sub) forum.

For the critique I suggest dividing the entries in groups of about 3-5 games (depending on the number of games). Designers from the same group should comment on the other games in their group (that is 2-4 comments). Always possible to comment on more games of course.
After the initial comments the designer can react, clarify, etc.

Official commenting is then finished. Everyone can continue to discuss the games they thought were interesting, which also suggest different threads.

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I have a couple suggestions:

1. I have no issue with using the form, but I would appreciate a message back telling me who I voted for, because to be honest right now I have to guess at the games I voted for. I only remember my gold medal winner.

2. I don't like that we are looking at the first three and the last ones in detail. What this does to me is offer minimal advice to the top three because obviously their designs as judged by the group were probably the best and don't need much by way of advice. The bottom one to be frank probably needs too much work to be usable (no offense, just my opinion). I think the ones in the middle are the ones that most benefit from feedback so if you are trying to limit the size of these critiques then my radical suggestion is to critique the Game Designs that do not receive a medal and are NOT in the last one, two or three designs.

Just my thoughts.

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Thanks for the feedback

Your opinions are valuable, since you're the ones interfacing with the system. I can easily say that next month we will return to the previous critique schedule.

As for the separate threads (a la Reedit style), that is too unwieldy for the setup of BGDF's threads. I will look in to adjusting the forums to allow replies to specific posts in a thread, though. This should have the desired effect.

As for the Form submission of votes, since it's made with google form there isn't a way to send you a custom message, but the "Thanks for submitting" page does give you a link where you can view and edit your submission. If you don't write down your votes elsewhere, I suggest copying the link for later reference.

As for our Guest Reviewer for April, Seth Jaffee, he currently has the winning entry and will critique it in due time. Once that's done the entry (Idol Flattery) will go up in a separate thread for GDS champions.

For those who placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, feel free to note that in your profile! (Like "Gold medal, April 2014 GDS, "Fool me Once..." for game "Idol Flattery")

There is a guest reviewer lined up for May, and he's not only a brilliant and upcoming designer, but he's also enthusiastic about participating as the visiting Pro. I'll announce it a few days when the May contest starts.

Cheers, all.

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