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[GDS] DECEMBER 2014 "MSP-Games' Micro-game Challenge" Comments and Questions

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Select "my game"

Simply rank the final 8, giving your top pick "8" points. If a game is yours, select the "My game" column. This means if you are one of the top 8 designers, you won't be picking a last place game because you'll only have the other 7 to choose from.

Thanks to Mindspike for setting up the last round of voting while I travelled!

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Joined: 12/26/2009
Final day of voting!

All these entries want for Christmas is YOUR VOTE.

Polls close at midnight tonight, Eastern time.

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That, sir, is definitely not the link you intended...

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Hacked! His post was hacked!

That's our story and we're stickin' with it.

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Definitely not the same link

Definitely not the same link I used when I voted! Thank god my Fiancé watched me click your link, and did not simply walk in to see that on my screen! Talk about an oopsie :)

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Thanks so much for all Entries

This was an excellent group of entries, with some great well-thought-out games among the group. I will be contacting the winner personally about the next steps toward publishing of the game.

There were also some runners-up entries I really enjoyed during my own reading and evaluation, that although they did not win I will also be reaching out to those designers personally as well.

Many thanks to Richdurham for working with me to arrange this unique GDS. And to Mindspike for his help in coordinating votes/responses as well.

Although the December GDS is over, I am planning to run the Micro Play-Break series of games for a long time and as such, I will be accepting game submissions for publishing starting January 6. Unlike the GDS, submissions should have "all the details" included including full-rules and game-piece-contents. (e.g. ready-for-playtesing... a PnP would be nice!) You can reach me via personal message here on the Forum to coordinate the file submissions.

Thanks again to all entrants AND all active members of this Forum who participated in the voting process!

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Joined: 12/26/2009

The winners are all well deserved! There are many great entries that I hope make it to the game table even if they didn't win this particular contest.

Thanks to MP games for sponsoring this contest, to Mindspike for posting the results while I travel, and for the public computer I used on the road resulted in an "interesting" link for some of our users.

I hope you all have a happy holiday season!

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