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[GDS] JULY 2014 "This Game is Stacked" Comments and Questions

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Personally, I’m happy with

Personally, I’m happy with the “just for fun” framework of the showdown, nothing to loose by entering and nothing to win.

I don’t think adding monthly prizes would bring a lot to the showdown. The entry numbers are already high and adding in prizes may or may not increase participation. That said, I’m not sure if I could devote enough time to reading through the entries (and commenting on them after the results) if they where to double again or something.

One idea might be to run a separate yearly competition with a prize or prizes. This would require the design of a ready to run game vs a concept outline.

The competition outline would be posted in January and the entrants would have four months to design and submit their entries in a print and play format. 4 months would then be given over to people downloading them, playing them and voting for a short list, then the short list would go through the final process in the final 4 months of the year to determine the winner.

Alternatively the short list could be done by some other means > concept entry > shortlist voting > final entry for shortlisted games > vote for the winner.

In terms of a link with the GDS, entry to the competition could be limited to designers who have scored X points over the course of the monthly GDS in the year leading up to the competition.

That way the form of the current GDS could stay as it is (with a little revised tidying up) and the yearly competition could have more stringent rules for those eligible who choose to enter.

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Sooo, what happened to this month's contest?

Usually the morning after the voting period ends (which I think ended a day later than normal on the 15th), the results are released.

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Yeah, I'm eager to see how it went, and start the critiques :)

Rich's last post mentioned Holiday. Maybe that's why it's taking longer than usual.

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As far as prizes go, I really liked the idea of having a guest judge review the winning entry. I think that's about the right level of prize for a competition such a this. That way it gives the winner something they would consider valuable without cash or games and can start a potential relationship with a publisher or at least help make a game idea more solid for future pitching. This is what was done back in April and I assumed it was the standard practice for all bgdf competitions.

I am also very anxious to start giving and receiving feedback. Can't wait to see who won!!

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Hi guys,

You're right - usually winston posts the results the day after the votes. I apologise for not catching it - I actually lost a couple days in transit back to New Zealand from the US.

I'll post the results shortly along with a critique schedule. Thank you for your patience and your feedback on the tone of the contest. It'll stay as-is, with no major prizes other than feedback and glory.

However, the annual that's something to consider.

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