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Looking for gamers to test a meme-based cardgame

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Hello fellow gamers,

Myself and a group of geeks are are working on a card game that uses phones and mobile devices to troll the crap out of each-other and wrack up enough points close a forum. Each player has a character pertaining to a roll found in traditional forums I.E; The Troll, Memester, Noob, and Admin. You try to close the threads with comment cards and/or memes brought up on the previously mentioned mobile devices, and get points for each card taken when said thread gets closed. The rules change based on non-comment cards as game progresses, then after you reach a designated stopping point, determine who wins.

Now, we're a bunch of geeks that decided it would be a cool game to make. so this is our first time. We've had a lot of play tests limited to our local area, all of which, have yielded positive feedback. but we're wanting willing volunteers for more play tests abroad.

If you would like more info on the humble beginnings of this game, check out

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I looked at the site & read

I looked at the site & read about the game. I don't really get it.

Being a troll myself, I really, really don't get it. I looked at the cards displayed in one of the pictures and had 3 thoughts-
1. This is very 'right now' (or 3 years ago) & for certain age groups & communities.
2. I have seen similar things on forums and trolled the people that posted them, until they left.
3. The examples I saw aren't what most consider trolling, just dumb comments that make the poster be ignored/blocked/trolled themselves.

Trolling is an art, with different levels; so trolling only appeals to those that understand the trolling being done. Most real trolling happens when someone posts something they obviously don't understand themselves, but insist they are correct; I don't see how that can occur with a simple headline unless everyone playing understands how wrong the headline is, in any way. I also don't get the meme part since I tend to troll people that use memes instead of their brain.

My only suggestion is to take it out to be play tested by a wide range of age groups and see who gets it & who doesn't.

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