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Recent e-mail activity has been compromised over the last 3 weeks

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Joined: 04/16/2011

To anyone trying to REGISTER for an account over here at ... I was SCAMMED on the 6 September 2022 by an e-mail that seemed to be from my HOSTING company. It all seemed LEGIT and the ONLY problem was the issuing e-mail which I did not check.

That was a BIG mistake.

The PAYMENT process was held somewhere in Taiwan and they tried to BILL my Credit Card for over $9,000 USD. My Credit Card company put an immediate STOP to the transaction and I was LUCKY in that I REALIZED my BIG mistake before it was too late.

I changed my HOSTING password for my account 10 minutes later.

My guess is that they changed some of the setting on the E-MAIL SPAM ... And the messages were being deleted instead of going into my e-mail account.

The bottom line: I had support help me out tonight and got the e-mails working AGAIN. Hopefully I start seeing messages SOON... As there have been NONE since the 6 September 2022... The fateful day of my BIG mistake.

We're not perfect. I was in a RUSH in the morning and wasn't observant enough since the e-mail and logistics seemed ALMOST PERFECT.

For anyone who has been trying to CONNECT with us over at the REGISTRATION e-mail, my apologies ... Hopefully this gets things moving on the registration front so that messages DON'T get automatically DELETED!

Cheers all,

Aka QuestCCG
"Indie" Game Designer
BGDF Administrator/Moderator

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Joined: 10/28/2013
And that is why...

I don't own a credit card.
And people cannot bill me automatically.
Nor do I any buisness through email or other social media.

Happy for you that they failed.
Unfortunately, no one will take proper actions against those scammers.

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Joined: 07/28/2008
Sometimes I wish I could

Sometimes I wish I could teleport into those scammers' basement and torture them with force lightning.

If it was not for all those illegal activities, the internet would be much more simple to use.

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Joined: 06/13/2022
Happens to the best

I lost my W.o.W. account once. Only got about 90% back. Just let me replay a bit, which was fun.
Getting scammed, either online or by a hustler in real life, is bound to happen. Now you're wiser for it.

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Joined: 04/16/2011
I've been working with my HOST to ensure that services are back

But the last test succeeded with the Private Messaging (PM) ... It goes to the Recipient's Mailbox... I will re-test TOMORROW evening (24 hours) so somewhere around 8:00 to 9:00 PM tomorrow to see if REGISTRATION succeeds too.

At last check the message was dropped into the SPAM Folder (New Users).

I will re-check this and see if I can EDIT the message IF it still goes into the SPAM after re-editing the connectivity with the proper SPF settings used by OUTLOOK.

I haven't gotten to test GMAIL just yet. Let's get OUTLOOK working 100% (or as best as it can be... in the JUNK folder) ... Or maybe see how the message can be EDITED to IMPROVE on quality and NOT being flagged as SPAM.

Keep you all posted as I TRY to repair any and all of the damage excluding the loss of 3 weeks worth of e-mail messages.

Cheers all!

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Just as a follow-up

It seems like the PROBLEM is solved. At least on ... The REGISTRATION message now goes into the recipient's e-mail folder (and NOT SPAM or JUNK)... That's really GREAT news since at last check, it was going to the JUNK folder on

I will test TOMORROW too... Maybe GMAIL to ensure that it too is VALID and gets received correctly.

From what I gather, we were CONFIGURED to a part of a "scammer's" SERVER or ring, since there were OTHER host addresses included in the SPF attribute. I had them edit that and CHANGE to the configuration to one which is more in-line with what is RECOMMENDED.

So tomorrow night more tests and we'll see if we can get everything SQUARED AWAY!


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Joined: 04/16/2011
A big HOORAY!!!

We got our first (1st) NEW Member since the scam on the 6 September! Seems like people are getting our e-mails concerning registration. It was from a GMAIL account, so it looks like BOTH "" and "GMail" are not trashing the e-mails we are sending for NEW members...

I also checked other messages such as "Private Messages" (PMs) and those too have been working. With all the hassles, it is sometimes possible to forget one aspect of the website or another depending on what the focus or problem is ATM.

Please rest assured, we are making sure that all e-mail communications work and flow freely from

Thank and sorry for any loss or inconvenience. Best!

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Joined: 04/16/2011
Now we are back in business...

What I mean is that we are getting Activation Request and some SPAM with all kinds of writings like "Guest Posts", link-farming, Injection Molding, etc.

But it's good to see that there is some traffic because in the three (3) weeks in September, there was zero (0) communication (we were hacked and no more messages were coming through).

I'm so glad the the technicians and I managed to repair the damage and have resumed business as usual!

Cheers all.

Note #1: And you KNOW you have a PROBLEM when you are NOT receiving ANY SPAM!!! That means that your traffic is being re-routed to another location (or server) and BTW it was. So no SPAM is an early detection method to determine if things are 100% OKAY or something is NOT working! Hehehe.

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