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TradeWorlds — Tactical Core

Well as I ramp up my activities, I've got a bunch of projects all "OPEN" and at different stages. I'm thinking about using "Dual Dice", the specialty dice to use a "Dice Draft/Auction" mechanic which could maybe bring the game together.

The A/B Facets of those dice allow players to draft dice from the pool of available dice and then use them during their turn. So if you Drafted a "Fuchsia" dice (Black/Purple), it means that if you roll a "6", you will get 3 Moves and The Destined (Purple) players gets 3 Moves too!

This sort of dichotomy sets up interesting choices and sometime sub-optimal play because you could not secure the dice that you wanted.

More thoughts on this. I assembled a sample Dual Dice out of Paper as I await the 3D Printed Prototypes. I also have samples from The Game Crafter too! I'm experimenting ATM... And we'll see what comes of these efforts. I'm hoping that I can sell some dice ... TBD!

Let you all know how this "Expansion" evolves. Cheers.


My focus is to use the CUSTOM DICE AS-IS

What does that mean? Well instead of having specific dice in certain colors for the "Expansion", I will TRY to favor ALL VARIANTS.

So what I am saying is if you have an "Ivory #101" or "Ebony #201" it doesn't matter... You use the STYLE of dice that YOU WANT. Just using "Dual Dice" as STANDARD D6s is what I aim to achieve.

Why am I trying to do this?

In order to allow ANYONE who buys STYLE #? can use the dice he/she bought. This will encourage people to COLLECT the dice and have multiple STYLES.

Other noteworthy observations is that with the "Tactical" core, all I am going to add is a BOARD. Miniatures are optional (and I could maybe contact Sky Games to make some more TBD...) but some TW Owners will ALREADY have miniatures from the Tactician Pledge Levels. This is because this Expansion is to support miniatures such that you can use miniatures in a "Tactical" fashion.

There is a LOT to examine in HOW(?) this "Board" will be designed.

I have to think a bunch more to figure out HOW to design this board. I wanted a "King of the Hill" mechanic as a Victory Condition that gets added to the game with respect to the miniatures used to play on the "Board".

There are a bunch of VARIABLE to sort through and I want this Expansion to be AS LIGHT as possible. Like I said, a "Board", Miniatures (extra) for those who don't have them and Dual Dice to PLAY (used for Actions). The dice must be bought separately from the "Board" (maybe)...

It's hard to explain how one needs TWO (2) Dice of different STYLE. But that's pretty much what I am thinking: two (2) DIFFERENT styles of Dual Dice. This could be ONE (1) avenue...

I am still very uncertain. I have embryonic ideas for the "Board" but far from definite. I'm just leaning on making the "Tactical" core components to be as lightweight (in complexity) as possible.

Anyhow ... Still more thinking to be done!


Note #1: IDK ATM I am pondering how to use 2D6 STANDARD (each player has a Faction dice) versus 2DD6 Dual Dice.

If it's a 2-Player game (not solitary) means that there are 2D6 STANDARD available (one from each player) and therefore two (2).

And if you have Dual Dice you CAN use them as follows:

2DD{Face A} for Player #1, 2DD{Face B} for the other players.

So for the Player it's "A + A" and for the opponents "B + B". Much different odds and the possibility of NO TURN for the opponents (~3%) same goes for "6" (~3% too)...

This introduces a bit of variability ... Not extreme but interesting never the less... I changes the outcomes a bit.

You NEED 2DD6 (Dual Dice) of any STYLE but you must have TWO (2) of them. This is pretty CLEVER indeed!

We'll have to wait and see as I work through all of my projects.

Cheers all!

I initially thought that I would...

Start with the "Exterra's" Homeworlds and have a circular board towards the middle of "Terra Prime". But recently I experimented on my Boogie Board some ideas about how this could work ... And it was "too complicated"!

This methodology meant that we would start from a Homeworld and reach "Terra Prime" in the middle ... But clearly this method by which this was envisaged was just too "complex".

And so I went back to the ORIGINAL "design" and decided that instead of starting from the Homeworlds, I would start from "Terra Prime" (almost exactly like the board I had designed ...) but that instead of "spaces" there would only be RINGS.

Why? Because it meant that a player could attack ANY opponent in the SAME ring!

Fascinating...! Now all I needed was some kind of movement mechanic and for this I thought that I could use "constellations" ... But design my own! This is still "experimental" and in an IDEA stage. However I feel that this could work due to the LORE of the game.

We'll have to wait and see as I develop the board further!


I've managed to make an AI file and then...

I started working on a Photoshop file but I'm not sure of the colors anymore. I had Blue, Cyan, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. So six (6) rings. That's seems like the proper direction ... But I'm still not sure of the colors (TBH).

We'll have to wait and see. I've managed to put the five (5) Planets into the space (Homeworlds) and "Terra Prime" which is the jewel of the Star System.

I still have some design work to insert STARS and the "constellations" for proper movement on the board itself...

TBD. Just a quick post before closing the night!


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