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Monster Keep: Fresh & New ideas for this DESIGN!

Way back when I was a younger man, "Monster Keep" (MK) had the principle that players would CHOOSE the "Operators" (think Math) and compute formulas. However this idea went by the wayside when I figured that the player should CHOOSE the "operands" instead (again different Math)!

Today while pondering on some of the other dilemmas ... I found myself THINKING why not ALSO choose a Monster's REACH. Let me explain.

Crystal Heroes: More playtesting of the NEW Tactical Layer

Over the holidays, I have been playtesting the NEW and improved Tactical Layer. It features the use of Pawns (one per player) and moving around the Grid that is made from the Game Tiles in play. What makes this new Tactical Layer "work" is a Lord/Lady Resource Sequence that must be collected. This sequence is unique to each Lord/Lady and obviously means that NINE (9) Resources need to be collected to win the game.

Some early conclusions to report:

1. My first game with this new Tactical Layer was won in the 9th Round of play.

Crystal Heroes: a Peek into the Future!

If you ever wanted a "Crystal Ball" to look into the FUTURE... Look no further! This is a preview of one of the nine (9) Houses (and Booster Packs) for "Crystal Heroes" (CH). I didn't want to reveal the first two (2) sets because that would be unfortunate ...

Crystal Heroes: Cardback Preview (WIP)

Hello all,

I wanted to share with you all this PREVIEW of the "Crystal Heroes" (CH) cardback for the game. This is very much a Work-In-Progress (WIP), there are still some final touches to improve visibility once printed (some elements in the picture get lost due to color filtering).

Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — 2nd Edition : After a lot of thought

Right now, I have a compelling design for this game. It has a lot of "technical" challenges for the Players and is pretty SOLID as a "concept" alone.

What I mean is that I don't YET have a prototype to PLAYTEST the game. So all of the though has been put into the "concept" and I LIKE the overall outcome of this mental exercise.

It has "tight" mechanics and makes sense as a "whole" too.

Archon: Circlet of the Heavens — New Ideas

For those who do not know "Archon: Circlet of the Heavens" (ARCH) is divided into three (3) separate "components":

1> A Game Box with tokens, card sleeves and divider.

2> A couple Booster Packs with customization cards.

3> Print-aNd-Play (PNP) cards used by the game.

I wanted to discuss 2 and 3 since they are intertwined a bit. So the Boosters have card information on the "back-side". To be precise, five (5) RPS-3s (they are relatively easy to remember but...)

Somewhere down the road less travelled...

I'm just going to put this out there... As a "Software Engineer", I've been looking around at various TOOLs used by websites such as Wix, Squarespace and other more familiar webhosts known for their "Design Tools" and realize that most hosts provide the more "generic" TOOLs to their customers namely Wordpress, Joomla and co.

What is wrong with that?

Well nothing if you plan to use a Cadillac on an off-road excursion camping!

Crystal Heroes — Creating Perfection

Well you know you have a hard-working (and very talented) artist ... When you get an e-mail saying: "Some of my earlier works are no longer at par with my newer ones...!"

So a picture is worth a 1,000 words ... So two (2) pictures are worth more than their weight in gold.

Here are both BEFORE & AFTER illustrations:

This was one of three (3) revisions...

The White Elephant "in the room"... (lol)

I've been working on about three (3) different designs ... But I've kind of "toned down the volume" when it comes to "Monster Keep"! I have something novel... but is it novel ENOUGH??? So I decided to put that design "On-Hold" ... Just until my other games get into the market and see how those other "HOT" games do...

Obviously I'm downplaying all my numbers (which is to be expected) and I am favoring "Crystal Heroes" (CH) because it can be played with 2-Players or 4-Players which is why that design is occupying more of my time (because it allows for more players to play that game).

Crystal Heroes — Sneak Peek Preview of Lord Dunken!

Here is a sneak peek into one of the two (2) Lord tiles available in the First Edition of the game:

If you click on the image, you will be brought to a new tab with a higher resolution/size of the artwork.

[quote=questccg]Lord Dunken is the Forsaken Knight of the Human Race of Order...

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