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where can i send & how do I get my newly invented board game manufacturerd

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i have invented a new board game, what do i do now to get it made/into production to sell it ?

it is in basic made up construction using bits and bobs for parts, the rules etc are clear consise, but the board art work etc is not artist (pro) drawn it has been done by using royalty free images to 'makedo' to give the concept and bring it to working order etc.

i am not rich enough to get it made - as in, it looks like it has been bought from the toy section in tesco etc etc - it doesnt, but the concept etc is clear.

what do i do now, i thought about dragons den etc, but not sure if this the way to go. i may look a pratt just by phoning etc.

what do people do when they invent a new game, i dont want a business loan, i want a toy company to take it on, make it and sell it., but I also need marketing - is there anything out there similar to authors who self publish?

I have had this game, sat upstairs for 18months, but dont know what to do welcome.


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Be professional, do your homework...

There's a list of publishers who accept submissions at:

Use the list to figure out who you should or could submit your game to. Go to the publisher's website and read their submission guidelines. Craft a good cover letter and a one-page description of your game.

Your goal is to make the publisher think that spending the time and resources to license or buy your game is a no-brainer. Put yourself in the position of the publisher you're contacting and describe what makes it appealing to them. How does it fit their existing line of games? What are the components? How expensive (or cheap) will it be to produce?

Best of luck. I hope you get what you're looking for.

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If your not confident to make

If your not confident to make the leap of faith in spending your own money to publish the game, maybe you should have the industry take a look at it. There are a variety of design competions that are publicised on this web site, find one that is right for your game, and enter it; who knows it might lead to your game being published.

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You also might consider....

...reading a book I just finished reading. It's called "The Game Inventor's Handbook" 2nd Edition by Steve Peek. This book was written in 1993 and some of it is out of date, but I believe the core concepts are still valid. You should read it to get a good understanding of the industry and what's required. Take the pieces that are useful to you and throw out the ones that no longer apply in 2009. Unfortunately, this book is no longer in print but you might be able to find a cheap copy online, or in a library somewhere.

Please forgive me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you're from the UK, is that right? You mentioned not wanting to look like a "pratt", which is not a term we use here in the States. (not because it's bad or anything...we just don't use it). Based on the context, it seems like you don't want to look like an idiot or a fool for phoning and asking. Do I have that right?

My point is that I don't know if the gaming industry is different from county to country. Maybe this book is WAY off the mark for our friends across the pond?

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