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[ if you take extensive notes ] -- any good solutions on finding/structuring/sorting notes?

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so we can focus on more effective, better, more enjoyable things

"relied too much on memory"

yea that's always a bad thing, the whole point, or one key point of a computer is that it's an extension of our memory

so we can focus on more important things

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designforplaynotmastery wrote:
"relied too much on memory"

are you allergic to the quote functionality? (bottom right)

also - I think the UX of digital devices often doesn't compare with pen and paper. It adds layers of interaction that don't always add proportionate value.

I think using a computer as an extension of your memory is always going to be dependent on your search capability, naming conventions and organisational skills. Its not always an improvement.

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One humble solution

One tool I've used to some success is google docs. The functionality on it's own is pretty spartan, but there are many homebrew add-ons you can download that allow you to bend the platform to your needs.

The add-on in particular I've found invaluable is "Table of Contents" by LumApps.
It does exactly what you think it would- creates a sidebar with a table of contents of hyperlinks that take you to each "chapter" defined by you.

My system for organizing this is naming each "chapter" as the date it was entered and a one or two word description of what the entry contains. This allows for fast navigation and an "at a glance" view of all my notes. Plus you can access it anywhere you can find an internet signal!

I'm not actually sure if the add-on works on mobile devices, but definitely any browser.

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I did not read the thread. I

I did not read the thread.

I also take an large amount of notes. I normally mark the date on each page and when I re-read my notes and integrate the notes in the rule books, I add a mark to indicate that those notes has been reread and integrated in the rule book (or discarded) so no need to re-read it.

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1) plainly* & 2) cleanly*

"plain-text format"

* aren't most text/notes plant-text format?

"all keyboard-driven"

i use vimuium on chrome

it's nice but i haven't yet seen any examples of this being any better

* any good examples you may have seen?

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machine learning automates everything

"advanced features"

* what's most useful/helpful tho?

* what's new ones that have been highly useful/helpful?

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note-taking ( making easier )

"built-in export features"

* im mainly using 'something' as a note-taker

* just looking for the best one

* that makes the entire process from taking to finding to everything

* easier & significantly better

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