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New card game

Last night I started on a brand new game.

It was going to be one game that I had been thinking about during last week and during Animarathon but it turned into another game that I had thought about a year ago and apparently the old game idea came up instead.

So far Card content:

16 cards

10 empty coffin cards
3 skeleton coffin cards
1 computer
1 battery
1 star chart card

I am going to add more cards to the game. Some character cards.
Government Army Cards
Traps cards and a few more other ideas. Not sure yet.

The name of this game : The Unknown: Mystery of The Three.

Sypnosis: Players play as paranormal archeologists in search of the truth behind the story they have been asked to look into.

That is all I have for now for this game.

I will be do the other game in mind and I have another game in the works. The third game will be more interactive. These three games will be all about the paranormal genres.

That is all for now.


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