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Quest Adventure Cards(tm) — 2nd Edition : Heroes and Stats

My classes of Heroes are pretty straight-forward:

Color Class Stat Abbv
Red Fighters & Champions Strength [STR]
Orange Rangers & Bards Dexterity [DEX]
Yellow Thieves & Assassins Agility [AGI]
Green Wizards & Mages Intelligence [INT]
Blue Clerics & Druids Charisma [CHA]
Purple Paladins & Knights Endurance [END]

I wanted to add this to my Blog to describe what is happening with the 2nd Edition of Quest (Quest_v2). Okay so instead of using Colored Wooden Cubes (10mm), I have decided to go with Dice (12mm) which are a bit larger (2mm) and will allow for a series of stats from 1 to 6 Levels.

Each class of Hero has a special bonus ability in addition to having a unique STAT per class. I'm still working on those bonus abilities... Although I do have some good ideas, they are still not final. I will update this blog entry once they are solidified sufficiently. Again these are just IDEAs because I don't have the patience to design 300+ cards for the game.

So I am purely working 100% on the design.


The addition of Stats is very important

While the original concept used Color Wooden Cubes and I qualified it as having a Strong Worker Placement mechanic, this is now more significant because each worker has a Level (1 to 6) that corresponds to a unique Stat. So the workers are a lot more relevant and the identification of having an even "stronger" Worker Placement mechanic, is much more accurate.

The other mechanic which was supposed to be the primary mechanic was "Engine Building". This was to be compared against "Set Collection" which was used in the original version of "Quest Adventure Cards(tm)" (Quest). But "Set Collection" is much too simple and for the 2nd Ed. (Quest_v2), I was looking for something "deeper" in terms of strategy.

Although the design is a split between a prominent "Worker Placement" mechanic and a relatively okay "Engine Building" mechanic ... There is still a lot to work out aside from the primary mechanics.

And the reason I mention these two (2) mechanics is because those were (or used to be) the primary methods by which the game achieved its depth of strategy. However I note now that while there is an "Engine Building" mechanic in the game, I still believe that NOW the "Worker Placement" mechanic is far more important due to the Stats that have been added.

But collecting more Fragments, to later add them to your Treasury to collect more Income is definitely an "Engine Building" mechanism. We'll see as the design matures and I can solidify the playability. Cheers!

Going in reverse order of classes...

I have the following abilities that I have re-worked quite a bit:

Abbv Action Name Ability
[END] Train Nobility If the output of "Training" produces a Hero with a Level 3 or higher, you may substitute that Hero with a same Level Paladin instead.

For example: 2R + 1G > 3Y. You could instead produce a 3P.
[CHA] Recruit Disciple When "Recruiting" a Level 3 or higher Hero, you may substitute with a Hero with -1 Level and a Level 1 Cleric.

For example: 3Y. You can get instead 2Y + 1B.
[INT] Fortify Scholar When "Fortifying" a Wizard with a Level 3 or higher, another Party Hero gains +1 Level also.

For example: 3G ^ 4G. You would allow a 2Y ^ 3Y too.
[AGI] Trap Disarm When encountering a "Trap", the Level of the highest Hero defines the Level of a Thief who may disarm the trap permanently.

For example: 3G + 2B + 1P. You would need a 3Y to disarm the trap.
[DEX] Trial Shield When encountering a "Trial", all Rangers & Bards are not added to the Party Shuffle. They remain in play at their current Level.

For example: 2Y + 1O. The 1O is not added to the shuffle.
[STR] Battle Proxy When undertaking a "Battle", you may substitute any Hero with a Fighter or Champion (Red).

For example: 2Y + 1O. You may substitute either 2R or 1R.

I am still working on this... ATM this is what I have. I'm not 100% sure about these Abilities. As of right now, they are DRAFTS and could change down the road if I feel that they are not well balanced.

Again more thinking to be done...

I'm not 100% certain about the Abilities listed above. I will mull them over a bit to see what I can come up with. It's always that way with Abilities... You need to put them "out-there" and then see what you can analyze and understand what might be BETTER Names or Abilities for each Class (STAT) of Hero.

So if anyone has some better IDEAS, please feel free to comment!

Many thanks to anyone who decides to share some of their thoughts...

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