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New: Inkscape 1.0 Countersheets Extension 3.0 (CSV to cards, counters, etc)

Inkscape Countersheets Extension 3.0 is now available. Make cards, tiles, counters, standees, etc using Inkscape (WYSIWYG) plus spreadsheet data (CSV).

Now with support for Inkscape 1.0 and Python 3, and some other improvements like a way to faster change between different sheet layouts, distance to registration marks, fold line down center of sheet toggle for when printing both sides side-by-side.

Full changelog:

Inkscape extension help needed

inkscape countersheets extension 2.1pre2 spacing+bleed example

Got some excellent feedback and bugreports (and even some bugfixes) for my inkscape extension, so thinking of making a 2.2 release of it soon, but could use some more eyes on it first if anyone is interested.

Inkscape Countersheets Extension 2.1 released

countersheets extension 2.1

The official 2.1 release version:

New since version 2.0.2:

- bleed

- inline images in text

- sheet backgrounds

- simple text styles (bold and italics)

- import text from external text files (instead of having everything in the spreadsheet)

- outline registration mark rectangles

- registration marks optionally going all the way across sheets

- one-sided sheets option (both front and back on the same sheet)

- dimensions with units in dialog entry fields

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