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Help With Inkscape/Computers

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Hiya guys,

I am working on "Storm Front" and I have run into some computer difficulties.

I am trying to make some player mats for upgrades, and some cards that fit onto the player mat representing different upgrades. They look ok, for my standards, and since I'am new to Inkscape. But every time I try to print them it cuts parts off. It cuts off half of it in A4 landscape mode (the mode I want them to be in) and the bottom part in regular A4.

So my question is can anybody help, in anyway?

Here is a rough example of the Mech Mat
Example of Mat

Some suggestions on different things too will help (The format, what colors I should use etc...) The Cyborg, and Mech ones will look exactly the same, except for the picture*. The Harvester, instead of the Special Ability parts will have 6 circles (2 for each Harvester), you will place a circle chit there representing how much Toxic Waste/Metal it is carrying.

*Picture will be hand-drawn in the middle by me

Hope someone isn't as computer illerate as I am.

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