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My Games Day Experience

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Today, being part of National Games Week (see, I went to a local game store to participate in the event. There was a fair amount of people their (about 20) playing different games. I got to play four games I most likely wouldn't have had any other chance to play.

The first game I played was Munchkin. It was pretty simple, but it was fun. It took us about an hour to player with five people. Some of the cards were especially humourus, such as "Curse: Sex Change" and the "Half-Breed" cards.

Then I played a game I had never even heard of, Pirate's Cove. It was rather interesting. I like the upgrade mechanics because, although they were simply, they worked very well. Combat was simply, and it was truly fun to play. I actually got all my stats maxed out and beat the royal navy and, unfortunatly, still lost.

Next was a quick game of Chez Dork, even though it wasn't very quick. It took quiet a while to get the rules explained because the person who was teaching us was trying to teach us how to play Chez Dork and teach another group to play Fluxx. Chez Dork, another Steve Jackson game, this time based on the Dork Tower comics. I love Dork Tower and was really excited to play this. I ended up being Matt (obsession with RPGs) and didn't pull a single RPG all game (I actually bought one off another player and he only sold it because he used a card to get it out for free).

Then we had a quick relax time. And by this, I mean we played Fluxx. Everyone had already played Fluxx, so the game took about 10 minutes. We played two more games after that, both taking about 20 minutes each.

Then a few of us played Halo 2. Yeah, I know it isn't a board game, but we... umm... decided we needed to test our hand-eye cordination. Yeah, I'll stick with that.

Then we played a quick game of Risk. Well, at least for me it was quick. I tried taking over too many terrortorries to early and it screwed me. I was out in about 45 minutes, soon followed by someone else, which leads to the next game....

....Nightmare Chess! Man, this game was truly fun. I ended up winning by forcing him to take my queen with his king and then I played the "Hostage" card, so I strategically placed my queen back on the field, putting his king in checkmate.

Then, another two games of Munchkin. We only played with three people this time. And at one point all three of us were Elf Wizards. And at another point, one of the players was Charming creatures almost every other turn.

After we played our last game of Munchkin, the Risk game was coming to a close. Black add 100 armies on one terrortory, but controlled no others. He took over the world in one turn.

Overall, I have to say it was a fun day. I only played one game I had ever played before (Risk) and I learned a lot of new game mechanics that I will try and tweak for more own games. The only thing I would say was negative was that I still have played The Settlers of Catan. Well its late and I need to go to bed, so good night BGDF.

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