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Feedback Desired: Spacemines Dice Game (Revised)

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Okay. I've posted the prototype here before and got some helpful, constructive replies, even though its not a "board" game (no board, just dice and what amounts to a simplistic "character sheet"). Any ideas, opinions or other feedback anyone is willing to give me would be appreciated.

Spacemines is a lackluster name for a simple little dice game played by 2 or more players.

Each player is a Mining Corporation, which has been setting up operation on different planets, asteroid belts, etc. Each player has (or will have once they get a pencil and piece of paper) a Corporate Record sheet which they'll use to keep track of a few stats during the game - don't panic though, this is much improved over my previous release of this and is not NEARLY as complicated.

The normal object of the game is to aquire 30 Resource Points (which you get by way of your Workers working in the Mines) or more (depending on how long a game you want - the current PDF, due to a typo, says 20RP as the objective, but since you start with that, that doesn't make much sense).

You do other things, like try to purchase more Mines or improve your existing ones, and the same with Administrators and Mechanics, which will make it easier to mine more Ore, to gain more Resource Points.

Anyone interested in checking it out (its less than one page long):

Thanks either way for your time in reading this. -JPatt

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