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Board (no -- not bored)

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Hopefully this is the right forum, my apologies if it isn't.

Any help would be appreciated as my friend and I are looking for a board for this Go'esque (/Stratego'esque / Chess'esque / Scrabble'esque / Othello'esque) tile game. What we need is the board.

Each piece is 1.5 " x 1.5 " so each square needs to be that size.

The problem is that the board is 14 squares x 14 squares, with each square being 1.5" - 2" in size (i.e. 1.5" x 1.5" - 2" x 2" -- anywhere inbetween is fine as long as the whole thing is uniform as we're anal sorts).

Any game currently out there with a board approximately with these dimensions that we can just buy to gut?

Any help would be appreciated.

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