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2005 Game Design Workshop Schedule

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Thanks for a great year in the GDW! When we went to a one-week-per-game schedule, I was concerned we'd run out of games in a hurry, but you far surpassed my expectations! And to those who have commented on the games, you also have our thanks -- it's this feedback that makes the GDW so helpful.

Below, I'll post the 2005 schedule. As you can see, it's still pretty open, so please drop me a note and sign up! If you've never requested a slot in the GDW, before you contact me, please read the "Forum Protocols" thread at the top of the GDW forum. It lays out the philosophy and policies of the GDW.

Most important is the idea that this is a "club" in which we all give feedback on each other's games. We ask that you provide good-faith evidence up front of your intention of giving feedback. Many of us have found that reading about the other games and commenting on them is actually as helpful, or moreso, than our own sessions! Please, though, if this aspect of the process doesn't appeal to you, don't post feedback on games just to get a GDW slot. Feel free to post your game in the "Game Design" forum, and it will very likely generate a discussion there.

I am not very good about sending out reminders, so please keep an eye on the schedule and have your game ready to go on Monday when your week starts. You just start a new thread with the name of your game and a link to the rulebook; see any of the other games for examples.

Looking forward to another great GDW year!

Jan 3-9 jhager
Jan 10-16 theicemage
Jan 17-23 Clarissimus
Jan 24-30 Hamumu
Jan 31 - Feb 6 tentatively held
Feb 7 - 13 snipy3
Feb 14- 20 DrMayhem
Feb 21-27 Johan
Feb 28 - March 6 Scurra
March 7-13 theicemage
March 14-20 sedjtroll
March 21-27 DSfan
March 28- April 3 open
April 4-10 open

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