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Collaborative Tarot Game

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I'm making a collaborative card game based on Tarot Cards. My goal is to re-signify the tarot cards to their inicial use as card game but, at the same time, incorporate and use their common cultural meaning of divination tool in the game history, characters and metaphors.

A collaborative mechanic that I want to use is limiting the amount of info that a player have, forcing communication/collaboration to make the better move possible and giving autonomy to the player to use the new information and act as he thinks is best, avoiding "bosses" that are fairly common on collaborative games. A game that does that in a very elegant way is Hanabi.

In this game, players hold the card with their back turned to them. So, other players have to, gradually, give information of color and number to them so they can play the card in the right moment.

A alternative to hold the card like that and make a different mechanic is using double-sided cards with different colors or icons on the back (info). The problem is that, in this way, playing other games with this tarot pack would be very dificult, and I didn't wanted that.

Any ideias on how to use info on the back of the cards without ruining other games?

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