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Color matching tcg game idea..maybe?

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I have a new idea for a card game, the theme is different colored slime and aesthetics and the idea is to make your slimes stronger depending on the color next to it

So here is the layout, You and your opponent has a deck full of different colored slime or whatever the player thinks that would go well with their slimes

To begin both players draw 7 cards

So each player has 5 zones, they need to place 5 slimes in the zones and then take turn attacking the adjacent slime, so the card you attack with can only attack the opponent's slime that is in the same zone number, example slime in zone one cant attack a slime in zone 4

Next comes the colors, you can play any card you want but the majority of the slime cards only has a power of 1, so this is where the colors are used

Each card is a color and however on the left and right side of the card has different colored pips, the pips determines what card is next it, So for example, you have a green card and the pips on the left and right side of the card are yellow and red, the red pip has a number 1 on it and the yellow pip has the number 2 on it, sometimes a card can have more than 1 pip on a side of the card so, for example, the green card has a red pip on the left and a yellow and red pip on the right.

The green card itself has the power of 1, so to determine the strength of the green card, you need to add the numbers on the pips so if your green card is in zone 2, a red card is in zone 1 and a yellow and red card is in zone 3 and 4, the total power of the green card is 5, +1 red (left) +1 red, +2 yellow (right). Though its not always about numbers, each card has a special ability that can change the outcome of the round. So a quick example of a round and turn

So round 1, both players set 5 cards in their zones, then both players reveal their cards, flip a coin, rps or dice roll determines who will attack first. So on turn 1, both players tally their zone 1 slime's power, Player 1 has a power of 5 and player 2 has a power of 4, so player 2's card is defeated, however it remains on the field until the whole round is over. Ok turn 2, its the player 2 turn to attack, the players move to the second zone now, and tally the score, even though player 2's zone 1 slime has been defeated, they can still use it to tally up the other card's score. so player 2 zone 2 slime has a power of 5 but the player 1 zone 2 slime has a power of 6, player 2 still attacks the slime but it does not get defeated, however, special abilities can change the outcome so even if it wasn't enough to defeat the slime, an ability might change that, but in this case it wasn't enough to defeat it. the turns keep going until all slimes in the 5 zones have battled. after that the round ends and both players remove the cards from the zones, the ones that have been defeated go to the discard pile, the cards that survive, goes to the player's score pile. So after that the 2nd round begins and players draw 5 new cards, the rounds keep going until a player has accumulated enough points to win the game

It is a lot to read and grammar is not my best but hopefully, you can understand what I am talking about

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