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Cutting down the number of units (like in games of thrones)

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It's for a small conquest game. In order to simplify and speedup the game, I was wondering if I should cut by half the amount of units each player have on the board. I remember some games like a game of throne where there are really few units on the board.

Right now each player can have 20 units. For combat, roll 2D, each die >=4 kill an enemy unit. A special situation can make you roll 3D. Some some battles end in dice fest if there is a huge chunk of units. So I was wondering if I could cut down the number of units by half: max 10 units. If the combats are too deadly, I was thinking to increase the odd to 5+. So that you get 50% chance to kill 1 unit rather than 75% chance to kill a unit.

I was analyzing the advantage and disadvantages:

- Less component in the game (easier to produce)
- I could use bigger, easier to see components ( ex: cubes instead of stacking tiles)
- it's easier to see how much units your opponent has.
- Combats will go twice faster.

- You cannot conquer more than 10 cities (which could also be an advantage on the designer's point of view)
- You cannot defend much cities

Cities can also be captured by influence, so war is not the only solution. Capturing by influence has the advantage of not killing anybody. So this could be the equivalent of troops that withdraw like in games of thrones.

I also thought to prevent big chunks that each city has a limit of troops it can maintain.

Any comments?

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