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Dice Mechanic - Same throughout the game

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Hi All,

Previously I queried about 2d6 as a mechanic and received some excellent responses, and thank you. It also raised some interesting questions in my mind.

The premise of the games is open exploration with a party that the player acts for (the game can be played with any number of players). It is also open ended, where a player could stop, pack the game up, then start playing again with the same party he had previously. Party advancement is also an important part of the game.

There are two resolution mechanics in the game: 1. Action Resolution: dice +skill vs target number 2. Advancement Resolution: dice vs skill

The way I wish for the advancement resolution to work is you roll your dice, if the value is greater than your current skill level then your skill is increased one level. The one thing I want is the dice to be the same regardless of the resolution mechanic.

I think what I am after is some opinions on what people believe as a plausible non linear dice mechanic, and the granularity of levels.

I have looked at the following are there any other suggestions to dice mechanics, I feel 6 levels is two low, but 18 is two high.

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