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Hero ballz card game (name pending) What do you think so far?

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Hero ballz (pending name)
Is a 1v1 card battler deck building game, the idea is to defeat your opponent's hero (winning condition pending)
You have a seperate hero and effect deck a hand size, a defeated pile and a resource pile
Each hero card comes with a ranking system from 0-3. and an effect card has a ranking of 1-3. At the start of the game both players draw 3 hero cards and 2 effect cards. The duel then begins. the first turn player does not draw a card. the player can then play a hero for a 0 cost for free, o cost hero cards cannot use effects, so you have to end your turn. it is now the second player's turn, the player can choose to draw 1 card from hero deck and 1 card from effect deck, or can draw 2 hero cards or 2 effect cards. The player can then play a 0 cost hero for free, then can choose to attack your hero. Each hero has a power strength, varied from 1-10 (pending) 0 cost heroes usually have low power, you must lower your opponent's hero's power to 0 before you KO it (destroy) Current Power does not carry over to next turn, so if you are unable to KO a hero, then their power goes back to their original strength. You can have multiple heroes attack 1 enemy hero to reduce its power to 0.
Once your hero is KOd it goes to the KO pile (name pending), The KO pile has a ranking system too, and depending on the number of cards in the KO pile, once the pile reaches a certain amount of cards, the next rank of the pile is unlocked, you can then send cards from the KO pile into the Discard pile (name pending) to play a higher star hero. The KO pile ranking is as followed, 3 cards in pile unlocks the ability to play 1 star heroes, 6 cards in pile unlocks 2 star and 9 cards in pile unlock 3 star heroes, once these tiers are unlocked you dont need to accumilate the pile again to unlock the pile ranking. Example of a play, you have 3 cards in the ko pile, you can send 1 card from the ko pile to the discord pile to play a 1 star hero, you can only do this once per turn, so you cant send 3 cards to the discord to play 3 1 star heroes.
Playing effect cards works the same way as playing stared heroes, you must have enough cards in the ko pile to play effect cards, and you can only do it once per turn also, however you can play a hero as well as an effect card on the same turn.
I am debating of whether the heroes should have summon sickness or not
Something i didnt explain before is what does the effect cards do. Basically, all hero cards do no have effects on them, if you want a hero to use an effect, you can place a effect card under that hero, the hero can then use the effect. The effects are varied
I havnt decided if i want to archtype the effect and heroes, meaning only fire heroes can use fire effects or something like that.
I havnt thought of a win condition yet, but that is basically my idea

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