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Tile Based Exploration - Room Features by Dice

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Sorry all, I had this in the New Ideas forum. Mbad!


Exploration of dungeon floors is a tile based mechanic much like Betrayal at House on the Hill and/or the Munchkin boardgame (without so many fiddly pieces). Small, medium and Large rooms can be connected by corridors. The tiles must be connected by at least one threshold - sometimes tiles with more than one threshold will become blocked by new tiles and these are just dead ends. All are square cards in a deck collected and shuffled at the entrance of each floor to randomise the layout.

Each floor after the first you flip a Dungeon Feature card (1st level always begins with the standard 1st level DF Card) which explains the vibe of that floor (sewer, crypt, bandit hideout, lava cave, etc) and has stats for monsters type A and B as well as a Dungeon Feature Trap that can be placed when triggered.

Rooms have 1, 2, or 3 feature slots depending on their size. Room Features are determined by rolling up to 3d6 which vary in array based on the information on the Dungeon Feature card. It will have icons on it to say what colour dice to roll when a small, medium or large room is discovered.

(Green=2x loot, 2x keys, 1x Mon A, 1x Mon B.
Yellow=2x keys, 1x Mon A, 1x Mon B, 1x Move trap, 1x HP trap.
Red=1x Mon A, 1x Mon B, 1x Move Trap, 1x HP Trap, 1x DF Trap, 1x Chest)

Keys allow you to open doors that can be spawned in a later phase, and are also used to access a boss room which once cleared becomes the entrance room for the next level of the dungeon, or a treasure room which spawns a bunch of loot.


Currently in overthinking mode, too many mechanics ramming together and I just need to playtest some of the basics before I get into the nitty gritty but here is an outline of where I'm at with this one.

I originally had a basic d12 array for room features but I thought this variation would offer more variety.

I tried to do some maths on the stats but I think I messed up as my end result had a discrepancy of 5.56... XD

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