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Apocalypse Colony Complete

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Joined: 03/09/2010

OK So I have just completed the rules (not all the cards, just the rules) for Apocalypse Colony and its two expansions. Attached are the rules, expansion rules addenda, and all images. Not yet complete are the actual cards.

I guess you could say it plays like your typical B movie on the SyFy channel. I tried to make a fun, balanced, interesting experience for all. Let me know if you find it interesting, or have any improvements.

ApocColony1.doc: main game rules
ApocColony2.doc: "Contact" expansion rules
ApocColony2.doc: "Escape" expansion rules
ApocColony1.jpg: Main Game Board
ApocColony2.jpg: Main Status Board
ApocComm.jpg: "Contact" expansion board
ApocEsc.jpg: "Escape" expansion board

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