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Games for Goblins: The Challenge

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I've generated a book of images, some of which depict a world, some of which depict the way a range of games could be played. With this in mind, I'm looking for a bunch of experimental designers who are willing to take on a challenge.

You might have heard of Stonehenge (, an anthology boardgame. It's similar to what I'm aiming for. A bunch of designers use a standard set of components and something inspirational to tie together games with a single theme. In this case, the unifying theme is a booklet of images.

The basic idea is that I've found a book from an inhuman culture (I'm calling them goblins), it seems to depict a series of games and communal storytelling activities used to teach young goblins the trait necessary to survive in their strange and dangerous world. I'm not sure what the games are, but I'd like some enthusiastic designers to provide me with some quick simple ideas that fulfill these goals. All of the games will be gathered together into an anthology game book that will be printed to accompany the art book. Prizes will be awarded to the most interesting game, and the most clever use of the pre-designated components.

For full details on this design project, see my webpage dedicated to it ( If you're just interested in looking at the booklet of images I've designed for the contest, it can be found here.

If you've got any questions about the project, send me a private message, or contact me through my site (

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