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Imperium Galacticum: my new print & play card game

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Joined: 10/07/2009
game in progress

imperium galacticum is all about exploring space, discovering and colonizing alien planets, constructing orbital and planetary structures, researching fantastic technologies as well as about waging war against your opponent and invading his or her planets.

if you are interested please visit this post on my website for rules, cards etc.:

i have no idea if there is anything similar out there at the moment. there probably will be. i just made up the game off the top of my head...
in its present state, the game can already be played. i played it some times and it felt nice, but it will need a lot more playtesting to become balanced and more or less faultless. so i am requesting the aid of anyone who is willing to print the cards and help me with playtesting. on my homepage you can download a printer friendly black and white version of the game.
any feedback would be more than welcome!

be sure to check my other print and play game "elemental clash" on my website


andi alias jilocasin :)

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