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Need Input for new Card Game

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Hi everyone, I'm brand new here trying to learn all I can about Game Design and Game Theory. I am currently working on a card game based on a R&D company. The goal is to be the first player to complete 3 products. Below are the rules. Please tell it like it is! I really need more opinion!

Game Details:
A game for 3-6 players aged 8 and up.
Typical game time is around 30 mins

Object of the Game:
Be the first employee to complete 3 Product Sets

What is the Game About?:
(Title) is all about getting ahead in the company by completing products and preventing the other players by doing the same. Use Task Cards and Time Value Cards to boost your chances to complete all your products first or to screw over your fellow co-workers. But remember, every action require time from your Time Sheet, so you better manage your time wisely.

Time Keeper/Time Sheet
Keep track of the amount of time a player has available to use for moves. Each player starts with 12 months.

Job Cards
Each player randomly picks a Job Card after completing their first product. Each job has some special abilities which make you unique. There are two tiers of abilities for each job, the first tier is obtain after completing the first product, the second is obtain after completing the second product. If you loses a product set or if a product set becomes incomplete, you revert back one tier. Once you revert back to Tier 0, you must discard your current Job Card and draw a new Job Card when you complete your first Product again.

Product Cards
All Product Cards are divided into two categories: Product Name and Product Description. You must mix and match one Product Name card and two Product cards to complete one Product. However product card has special rules that must be follow in order to be played. Some card may require 1 month from your timesheet, others may require 2, 3, or more months. Also, some cards can only be played if you are on the correct Job Tier.

Task Cards
These cards have beneficial or harmful action that can be use on another player, to all players, or to yourself. They are played by putting them directly into the discard pile and applying the effect described with the text on the cards. All Task Cards require 1 month of Time to be played (May change). You can also choose to discard the card directly to the discard pile and add the time value on the card onto your Timesheet.

Time Value Cards
Think of these cards as extra time to complete your three products. You can use the cards by discarding them directly into the discard pile and adding the time value on the card into your Timesheet. However, other players can steal your Time Value Cards in a variety of ways.

Separate the three different decks (Job Cards; Product Cards; Task and Time Value Cards) and shuffle the cards in each deck and place like so on the image.
Each player will receive one Time Keeper/Time Sheet
Each player will receive three Task Cards and two Product Cards at the start
Decide who goes first.

The Game:
The game is played in turns, in clockwise order with three different phases

1. Draw one card from the Product Draw Pile and one card from the Task/Time Value Draw Pile (Can be more or less if a player has a Job Card Ability on their turn)
2. Play up to three Task/Time Value Cards and/or any number of Product Cards (Can put as many Product Cards as possible?)
3. Discard excess cards

1. Draw Two cards
Draw the top card from each of the Product and Task/Time Value draw pile. As soon as the draw pile is empty, shuffle the discard pile to create a new playing deck.

2. Play up to three Task/Time Value Cards and/or any number of Product Cards
You can now play Task/Time Value Cards in hand to help yourself or disrupt the other players. You can only play cards during your turn except for certain conditions stated on the Task Cards. You are not forced to play cards during this phase. Each Task Card require 1 month of Time to be played. You can also place as many Product Cards as you can.

3. Discard excess cards
Each player can only have up to 5 cards on their hands at all time (Unless they picked a Job Card with the ability to hold more cards).

Special Cases:
If you run out of cards in your hand, you will draw two cards in the Task/Time Value Deck and one card in the Product Deck. If there are no Product cards left in the deck, draw three Task/Time Cards. (Or just one from each deck?)

If you run out of time in your Timesheet, you will lose your next turn. After that turn is over, you return with 6 months of time. During your lost turn, other players can continue to steal whatever Product Cards you have placed on the table.

End of the Game:
The first player to complete three Product Card sets first will be the winner.

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