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Player v Player BAttle Royale game

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I've been thinking about a fast, compact PvP card / dice fighting game, and I need your suggestions....pls don't hate because there's dice rolling! I've tried to bring in an emphasis on choice as well.

So,there are various characters with different special combat/magic abilities, all battling it out against each other in an Enter the Dragon style winner takes all competition.

There's an ATTACK die and DEF die.

When attacking, you have 2 chances to miss,strike or use special ability.
When defending, you have 2 chances to block,2 chances to miss,1 chance to counter or 1 chance you'll be struck with FEAR.
FEAR means your character is losing his nerve in the fight. 3 x FEAR and your character will FLEE.

Each character has a certain amount of life/hit points. If an attacker gets past the defence stage, such as the defender misses, 3 hp will be taken away. For most part, this is a set amount of damage from a 'strike'.

When using special abilities, damage will be higher. To select your ability to use, roll a d6. IF YOU ARE NOT HAPPY with the option, then you MAY ROLL ONCE MORE then use this last roll. You may sacrifice the first option, in hopes for a better one.

Each abiliity has a GRADING - A-I - all having different rolling style.

GRADE A - Roll 2 dice - use high die
GRADE B - Roll 3 dice - use high die
GRADE C - Roll 2 dice - add total
GRADE D - Roll 3 dice - if a double is rolled. Add and x 2
(1 reroll avail.)if a triple is rolled. Add and x 2
GRADE E - Att rolls 2 dice - add total
Def rolls 1 dice - minus from Att.
GRADE F - Def must roll a 5/6 to stop attack. Keep adding totals below 5/6
GRADE G - Roll 1 dice - Add total to Att's life, minus same amount from Def's life
GRADE H - Roll 3 dice - must roll 3 consecutive number 1/2/3..2/3/4 etc.
Add total. (1 reroll avail)
GRADE I - Roll 3 dice - must roll 3 low / high numbers 2/2/3..4/4/6 etc.
Add total. (1 reroll avail)

To show an example, here are two characters:

1= Critical hit C 1= Maul B
2= Whirlwind B 2= Trample I
3= Hammer of Tiki E 3= Slingshot A
4= Spear tackle A 4= Summon beast F
5= Heal C 5= Life steal G
6= Ancestor's call 6= ROAR

So far, each character has an ability to strike FEAR by rolling a 6.

There are two ways to win. By killing them, or they flee. I have noticed in the games I've played so far, FEAR plays a big part.

Some of the spells that need a requirement like H / I can be big damage if the rolling is good

So....that's as far as I've got. Using above, you could play a match with these two charaters and see if it works......then let me know what I should change etc. Cheers!

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