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realistic zombie game, like walking dead.

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dojo baggins
Joined: 07/06/2014

ok so heres my idea.
if you've ever seen the tv show "the walking dead". someone should make a game similar to it.
there can be a campaign but thats up to you to find out if you wanna make a campaign.

multiplayer/single player. if possible the map should be 'realistic' it has huge cities, small towns, forests etc etc. it all should be randomly generated (if possible, like the worlds in minecraft). so each time you play you get a brand new world and you don't know where anything is. everything you see should be able to be picked up (well everything possible) E.G if you go into a kitchen. the frying pans, not obviously not be able to pick up the stove.

zombies should walk, however to make it somewhat of a challenge. according to movies/tv shows you need to headshot a zombie in order to kill it. in this game, you can use head shots to kill them and its the only way to kill them HOWEVER if you have an axe or a lot of bullets or a sword etc etc etc. you can cut there arms off, or legs then they have to crawl.

survival: obviously you'll need food/water/sleep etc. to get food you need to find animals, you can cook them and it will restore more hunger then raw. you need to make a fire outside and cook them, using a kitchen object such as a frying pan will cook them faster. alternatively you can search for gas and use it on a gas stove in order to cook.

for sleeping. you must sleep in a sleeping bag/bed. if sleeping inside a house to be 100% sure zombies don't get you during the night, you have to nail planks over all the doors, or just the bedroom door. and if you sleep out in the forrest/public in a sleeping bag, you need some kind of system to wake you up if zombies come e.g a circle of string around you attached to trees with cans or spoons or some loud metal item that would be loud enough to wake you up if a zombie came.

each zombie should be random. E.G they all look different, some have arms missing, some don't, some have leg/s missing, some don't, some have there jaw ripped out, some don't. etc etc. zombie should react to sound and should be able to see. if a zombie doesn't have ears then you can make a lot of sound. if a zombie doesn't have eyes then he can't see you.

npc's: occasionally you should come across a group or a single person rarely and they can be friendly or aggressive, if they're aggressive then obviously they'll attack you if not then you can trade with them, ask them for help. maybe you can live with them for a few days, you can loot them in there sleep and leave. if your kill a group or single npc. you should be able to loot EVERYTHING they've got, there clothes,tents,items,guns,bows,food etc etc

weapons: you should be able to craft bows and arrows, you should be able to find axes,knives, guns, ammunition. raid army bases/police stations/ gun shops. etc etc. if your near/in an army base. zombies should wear clothing/protection the army wears, so players know they're near one.

i know this is a big game to develop or attempt to develop. but if you look at a game called 'dayz' its a huge hit, they've made so much money and its a very very popular game out at the moment. i personally think this would be 10x better then dayz. this game if your going to make it needs to be a fully 'realistic' zombie game.

essentially to create this game you need to have a huge imagination, the setting should be like this: imagine a zombie apocalypse broke out today, you locked your self in your basement to live for 3 years or whatever reason, when you come out obviously majority of the population is a zombie, most cars would have be syphoned for fuel, most houses have already be raided for 90% of there items, so have police stations, army bases, convenient stores etc etc

if someone is actually interested in making this game and need more ideas. apparently my account only temporary here and expires today
contact me at:

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