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So, I've been brewing something in my head for a long time now- even before I decided I want to try to design games as a career later in life.

The game idea is a collectible miniature game played on the traditional square grid maps. All pieces have a corresponding statistics card. Wouldn't be very big. The piece shows numeric stats at the top in a series of columns. Pieces start with their current health as the left most column- meaning they have those statistics currently. As they take damage, they move one column to the right for each point of damage they take. There would be easily obtainable cardboard (?) pieces that you can put on top of the card to hide every column but the one the piece is using and "slide" this cardboard piece as the figure takes damage.

Fore lack of a better description, think of the clix system designed by wizkids without the dial system or click bases and a different rule set. It wouldn't be an army game like Warhammer- it would consist of smaller dream teams that weren't limited by character factions or alliances. Stronger figures are worth more points- weaker are worth less.

I've been brainstorming with this for a while and any ideas or criticism would be more than appreciated.

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