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Wanted Partners with enthusiasm

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Ned Kelly
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Joined: 09/24/2014

Nothing is new of course, but I have a combo of board and mechanics that is at least unusual and I am looking for a design buddy.

I do a bit of art and I have the capability to cast "men" and make boards for prototype or small quantities.

I just need a partner with a few ideas and enthusiasm to lift this to a higher level.

It is easy to learn to play using quick reference cards.

At least one player needs to know the basic chess moves and powers then the rest of the game plan is on the Board and some quick reference cards.

One side plays basic modified chess, the other side plays a chess variant with feature tiles and a third player interweaves as a one piece player.

There is role play for 2 or 3 players, tactics, choices, luck, handicapping, 2 or 3 ways of winning, day and night zone (with dream tiles), themes. So there is plenty of variety for interest.

The equipment is standard chess men, specialised chess pieces, 3 piece board, cards and dice, name tags, quick reference sheets and score sheets.

It suits families because varying ages can play with different abilities and the better ones do not have to "DUMB DOWN" to make the game fair. It can be handicapped and the roles varied to suit the different players abilities.

I am currently working on the quick reference cards. I have the basic rules I just want to divide them between the players via cards so each player has less to learn to get started.

I have my theme and I have made a 3 piece board and cast men in lead (pewter or plastc resin later) I have made some game play cards.

My theme is ready to go (subject to testing)

So if you would like to join me and you have some enthusiasm to offer then please contact me

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