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OK - Time to put up or shut up.

I contacted the owner of a local Con - PACIFICON in Santa Clara, always held over the Labor Day Weekend. Asked him directly if he would consider running a Design Contest as an event.

He wrote me back - "you willing to do it?"

Not the response I was looking for, but I decided to step up and take on for the team [I really REALLY wanted to enter one of my own designs...]. So - if any of you are in Central California, I suggest you start looking into it. Hopefully it will show up as an event within the next week or so. We are working out the details even as I write this, but I wanted you guys to be the first to know.

My Evil Plan For World Domination is to run such an awesome event that he will want to have it every year, so that the NEXT year I'll be able to be an entrant instead of an organizer.

I also want to stress to all of you that you might want to consider doing what I am. Talk to the organizers of your local Cons and offer to run a Design Competition as an event. Winner gets a certificate - BEST OF SHOW. Not quite as exciting as The Golden Ticket to see Jay Tummelson, but it's SOMETHING to hang your hat on - and the exposure ain't bad either!

I was hoping one of you guys might know where to find the best Judging Scoresheets.

Last thought - if *I* can do it - ANY of you can do it!

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