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Online Play Testing Group Meeting this Friday

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On July 17th 6:00 pm Mountain Time the second Tabletop Simulator playtesting session will be going on!

If you have a boardgame you need playtested, or if you would like to just come play a prototype, all are welcome.
We have a steam group that you are invited to join if you want:[1]

We will organized the event into what we call "tables". Every member who has a game they want tested will be given a name and a password to create a table. Other players can then join these tables to playtest the games. There will also be a open discussion table that people can go to for just general conversation with other members.
If you have a game you would like playtested please let the group know the following and we will update the event page with the information: Your Steam Name: Name of your game: Desired number of players: Length of your game: General Description of your game: We have had 1 formal meeting, and several smaller spin off meetings, and it has been very very useful. I am excited to see all of you there.

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