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PnP for Rhyme game, a party game in which you create and rap you song to the beat!

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Hello everybody,
i would like your help in playtesting my game Rhyme the rap challenge. Your feedback on the writing of the rules but also the game itself would be very a helpful insight.
Rhyme is a party game with players taking the roles of rappers trying to create the best rap song and rap it on the beat.
The PnP file is just 60 cards and it's a very easy game to learn but very fun to play.
For more details of the game and in order to get the PnP and rules files just go to the game's BGG page Rhyme: The Rap Challenge.
You will also need some music. For now we just use Eminem's Mocking Bird instumental until we finish composing our own music spesifically for the game.
I am looking forward for your comments.
Thank you in advance,
Andonis Mechanikos

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