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Card Workshop #4 A Fork In The Road...

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Attack and Defense Addition
Single Combat Value

Play testing Battle of the Aces has been a blast! It has been awhile since I have played one of my games and actually liked it!!

After the second play through I noticed a couple of things...

  1. The Ace was not as pivotal as I had imagined. Being able to kill the strongest tile you would think it would be useful but it was quite lackluster at best. So I scrapped it.
  2. The name at first glance sounds like a World War dogfighting game. So seeing as though the main character, the Ace, was removed I changed the name. Battle of the Monumentals. Basically this game will fit into my Monumental Universe where you the player are a Monumental who has travelled the universe in search of the best units. You use a rare element called Mentum along with Mentum Source technology to copy matter and project the matter on demand. Almost like having a mini army at your disposal. I thought it would be a more interesting back story than some stale magic fairy-tale.
  3. The combat worked great!
  4. The deck size needed to be increased and less structured. At the moment the deck forces you to have two copies of a given card for each of the combat tiers (which there are eight). It worked for now but It needed to change (maybe). My idea is to split tiles into three different classes: Aggressive, Supportive, and Independent. Aggressive tiles are hard hitting but will have hinderances that might actually synergize with enemy tiles *eeek*. Supportive tiles will be the exact opposite - poor damage but very good abilities. Independent tiles are right around the middle and can posses almost anything - they are the meat of your army. This will remain, I believe, regardless of the combat change.

This is where I need your help... because, well, it affects the card's design. Combat is as easy as comparing two values. If yours is higher you kill the card (it goes deeper but bare with me). This works great but I want to expand it. The combat value is technically two values both attack and defense and I want to be able to play with both of the numbers independently.

This will work exactly the same. You will compare values, but this time the enemy's attack will spar with you defense (instead of just one combat value against another). If the attack value is higher, the tile is killed, if its lower the tile is "hit" resulting in the tile being moved to it's casting zone (Home Base). So this can have many different results depending on the defense and attack values.

The only changes from Card Workshop #3 is the combat value and the addition of the class indicator in the bottom left (Aggr = Red, Supp = Blue, Indp = yellow).

Which do you prefer? Let me know.

P.S. Yes, that is a Halo: Combat Evolved tank (ironically enough)

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