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Inkscape extension for sheets of cards, tiles, counters version 2.1, feedback?

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I have mentioned my extension in the past and there is a new version on its way now that I am very happy with. This has been my pet hobby project (with much help from a few others) for 10 years now (first public version was early March 2008) and still have many ideas for more features to add. Would love to get some feedback (bug reports etc) on the latest pre-release for 2.1. Also feature requests for 2.2 and beyond? I am sure there are things that can be done that I have not thought of and that would be useful (and/or fun) to add.

Still 100% free (and open source, no strings attached), should still run in windows, mac, linux, and elsewhere (of course the more users there are that help out testing on different systems the more I know about where it runs or not... but no significant known issues with any system at the moment).

Some of the new features are perhaps more targeted at publication than at prototyping. There is bleed support now for instance, and a simple way to draw backgrounds that will be replicated to every sheet (front or back) with sheet-numbers automatically inserted etc, or if you need to include special registration marks on the fronts or backs.

But also some new features more for print'n'play or prototypes, like the new improved marks to make cutting and mounting double-sided tokens much easier.

There are a few posts on bgg forums already from some week ago that describes these and more features in more detail and with some images:

Some other links:

Feedback is welcome here, in the bgg thread, as github issues, or by mail.

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