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Any other details to check when shopping publishers?

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I have a few general criteria that I should look for when shopping for a publishers, but I was wondering if there were other details to consider. From what I remember:

- You need a publisher that accept submissions
- That does not require an agent
- that publish games similar to the one you are submitting.
- You should send a letter, then a prototype if asked.
- Black and white prototype does not matter, but it must be sent by mail (they won't print it themselves).

Now I wanted to know

- Does publishers accept submissions by e-mail or even a video pitch?
- Can all the work with the publisher be done electronically, or is a physical meeting necessary?
- Is it important to have a publisher in the same country as you live in for royalty payments or other reasons?

If there is any other details that could be important, please let me know

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