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4th China (Zhongshan)International Games&Amusement fair(G&A 2011),which is the only game &amusement show owned and financed by the Chinese government,will be held in Complex Hall of Zhongshan Expo Center, Zhongshan,China during November 3rd- 5th 2011.
Such international famous companies as SEGA, NAMCO, KONAMI, TAITO, Sacoa Ausride, Moser's Rides, Cosmic Animation Entertainment (M) Sdn Bhd, RCG Holdings Limited, World Equipment Sdn Bhd,UNIVERSAL SPACE,Nitto Fun, Vectra, Cunard, JVL, Game Plus, Golden Horse, Bao Hui, Golden Dragon and so on, will be invited to G&A 2011. 280 exhibitors with 38000 square meters as well as 18100 professional visitors are expected in the 2011 show.
G&A will grow up to be the most effective and authoritative platform for information exchange and trade, you can’t miss !

For more details please contact
Phone: +86-20-28966533 Fax: +86-20- 82579220
Venue: Complex Hall of Zhongshan Expo Center, Zhongshan
Address: 中国广东省中山博览中心,港口镇博爱六路
No 6, BoAi Road,Gangkou Town, Zhongshan Convention Center, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province,China

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