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Seeking Game Designers to Present Games at RinCon This Weekend!

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Cartrunk Entertainment is hosting an Unpub ProtoZone at RinCon in Tuscon, Arizona Friday September 28-30, 2012. RinCon will be held at the Holiday Inn, Tuscon Airport Friday September 28th from 12pm to Sunday, September 30th at 6pm. A full Convention badge is 40$ for the weekend; 20$ for a daily badge on Friday and Saturday; and 10$ for a daily badge on Sunday. The Unpub ProtoZone will have a dedicated location with a limited number of tables and be easily accessible to convention goers & designers at no extra cost.

We are looking for designers with unpublished or soon to be published board, card and/or role playing games who can attend RinCon to present their prototypes. If you are a game designer and want to present your game please contact John Moller ( or visit to register.

Unpub ProtoZones are opportunities for designers to get their unpublished and soon to be published board, card and role-playing games in front of players at conventions. We have space located near a Big Blue Noodle, where designers can put their games on the table for willing players, meet with other designers, gain feedback on their games, give feedback, meet with graphic designers, chat with publishers and generally spend time improving their product and their craft. We have held Unpub Proto-Zones at Origins and GenCon this summer and have had great success with this format!

We’re happy to help support designers in the Southwest by giving them an open atmosphere to play-test their games with gamers at RinCon12! Games being exhibited in this ProtoZone will gain buzz through their exposure and the eyes of reviewers, bloggers, podcasters and fans who attend the convention. Meet with other designers and players! There will even be publishers at the convention who may be interested in seeing what your game has to offer!

Designers with games they would like to present in person at our Unpub ProtoZone at RinCon in Tuscon, Arizona should contact John Moller ( or visit to register. Come join in the fun of the Unpub Network and help make good games great!


For more information email John Moller at Information on this or other Unpub events can be found on

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