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Another Day, Another Bug! (LOL)

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Well just figured I'd post something with regards to a couple issues with some of the Ad Program's Banners. More specifically the TIMING of them. They were all based on UTC (0) and meant that if the banner was 5 hours behind of UTC (0) for New York EST (-5) there were errors in that the LOCAL time was not being used.

Anyways I did some testing with the NEW code ... And it works brilliantly again!

Sorry about that, some of you may have noticed the Dual Dice Banner saying that the dice a "Now Available" and that was NOT TRUE. Soon but not yet. And I felt like this bug almost let the cat out of the bag "prematurely".

Good news, it's all fixed now! We wait until the official reveal tomorrow!

Cheers all...

Note #1: You heard it all FIRST on!

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