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Journal: Revenge of the Mummy #4

Journal objective: Chronicle the creation of a board game from first concept to publication.

So, things have been moving nicely on the prototyping. I find that a prototype board helps me to visualize game components and makes rule writing easier. So, I have begun to do just that.

Since the game is set in "High Adventure" (think Indiana Jones) Egypt, I started with a physical map of Egypt.

Then I brainstormed all the things. All of them! I figured out what features would be "cool" in the game, what features were necessary for the game, and how I wanted everything to look and interact. Then I hit up Google Images for a bunch of pictures. Everything from the Pyramids of Giza to the Serapeum in Alexandria, to the Valley of the Kings at Luxor. Then I went and grabbed some steampunky looking images and downloaded them, all the while trying to avoid any pictures with humans in them. Which is hard. Since 90% of the pictures of Egypt have a tourist in them.

But I think I may have found enough images. Some are legit 1930s images, some are modern but will look half decent when reduced to black and white to fit the theme. As I type this I'm in the process of fitting everything together to make the game board. When its done there will be another journal entry with a picture of it. It might take a bit because I'm also working busily on Defenders of Wessex. I'm trying to get that little project prepped to go with me to our local board games convention at the end of the month.

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