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June 30 2022 Update

So what is going on with the Dymino Monsters project?

1: I'm still working on the last nine character backstories. I wrote and edited one of the nine backstories three times. And it's still needs work. Which is good. I'll get there when I get there to complete the backstory and the rest.

2: During this time, I'm also working on the the last eleven characters weapon skill technique sets.

3: I need to push myself into drawing out the other isometric view play mat locations on each 14" x 22" poster board. 125 plus locations or a fraction of them. I might do all of these location drawings and then hand color them as always.

4: Objectives list might drop from 64 to 32 or 42 for each character. I want to make sure that all objectives per character does a job well done to connect to everything and not just a meaningless task for no reason.

5: I'm adding a Lineage booklet

6: I'm also adding something new to the project but I won't mention that for another week or so until I work out the kinks.

Stay tuned for more updates on Dymino Monsters


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