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All Hands on Deck

All Hands on Deck

A really rough prototype for a Deck Building Game about Building Decks. I haven't tested this at all.

Based on this thread:

I've uploaded the SVG to Google Drive: It has the rules, and all the cards so far in it. Feel free to do whatever you like with it, I'm not planning on putting much more time into this.

Rules after the break:

All Hands On Deck!
A Deck Building Game about Building Decks.

Print each page of cards, except the purple and yellow ones, five times (for two players) or ten (for four)
Print one copy of the purple cards (for two) or three (for four)
Print ten copies of the yellow cards (for two) or twenty (for four)
Cut out all the cards.

Keep the Purple and Yellow cards separate, but shuffle the rest together into one deck. This is the Hardware Store.

Give each player five 1 Copper cards, five 1 Silver cards, and five 2 Copper cards. They shuffle all of these cards together into a Deck. Shuffle the remaining yellow cards into the Hardware Store Deck.

Each player draws two hands of five cards from their deck: One is their "Current Hand" which they will be playing with on their turn, One is their "Upcoming Hand". Every time a player's Current Hand is discarded, their Upcoming Hand becomes their new Current Hand, and they draw themselves a new Upcoming Hand of five cards. (You may look at your Upcoming Hand, but may not use the cards in it until it becomes your Current Hand) If a player's deck is ever empty, they must shuffle all of their discarded cards to form a new deck.

(For reasons, keep your discard pile face-down. Also, you may not look through your discard pile.)

Draw 10 cards from the Hardware Store, and lay them out from left to right, leaving the rest of the deck to the left of the row of cards. When players buy cards, the cost of the card will be its base cost, plus the number of spaces to the right of the leftmost card they are. The leftmost card can always be purchased for a reduced cost of one. At the end of every player's turn, put the leftmost card at the bottom of the Hardware Store deck, and deal cards to the right of the row until ten are out once more.

Deal one purple card to each player. They may refuse the first one and take another, but if they do this, they must accept the second one. Players do not have to reveal which purple cards they have until they score for them. At any point in the game, if a player has all the wood and nails in their hand that they need to build one of their decks, they reveal their whole hand, and place the Purple Card face-up in front of them. If they have used all the same kind of Planks, they place a token on the card. The same if they have used all the same Nails. If the player has no more Purple cards, they draw one purple card for each player, keep one for themselves, then choose one to give to each other player.

On your turn, lay your Current Hand face up on the table. Decide if you're going to Buy or Build.

On a Buy Turn, use the combined total of the coin values on your cards to buy as much as you can afford. Slide cards up to indicate that you are purchasing them, don't remove them until the end of your turn. Normally, cards you buy will go into your discard pile. But, if you buy something using only Silver and Gold coins, you may place the cards in your Upcoming Hand. And if you buy something using only Gold coins, you may place the cards in another player's discard pile.

On a Build Turn, first follow any instructions on orange and grey cards. You may follow these in any order you like, and do not have to follow any that have the word “May” on them. After this, if you are able to use the nails and Planks in your hand to finish one of your Decks, you may do so.

Any time it is not your turn, you may trade cards from your hand with other players. After agreeing with someone to make a trade, both of you place cards on top of the others discard deck. You may trade non-equal numbers of cards. You do not have to give the other player the card you agreed on. After making the trade, draw enough cards into your Current Hand to make up for what you gave away.
The player whose turn it is is not allowed to trade. And if it becomes their turn before they are able to fulfil their end of a trade, they do not have to.

End of the game:
At the point when a player finishes their last Deck and there are no more purple cards to draw, the game ends. Each player gets the number of points listed on their completed Decks, plus one for each token they've earned, and one for each unfinished deck their opponents have. The player with the most points is the winner.

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