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Dungeon Brawl V3 Ability card

Dungeon Brawl V3 Ability card

This is the final adjustment to the card. I feel it's right where it needs to be. The bow and arrow will be permanent as the icon for "Range" regardless if it is melee. Range will then be zero.


Hope you just sit back ...

And just "listen" without prejudice to what I am about to say.

The layout is OKAY. The card is a bit monochromatic. If you ask a Graphic Designer to REDO this template, I'm pretty certain you can get a BETTER LOOKING layout.

I don't want to offend you... Your design skills are OKAY. But I've seen much better layouts done by professionals.

I know it's hard to take criticism: even my own game, sometimes I need to be flexible other times say "No I think the original looked better..." or "Maybe you can try something else with this type of style..."

But I'd be pretty certain that MOST publishers would want to "re-work" the card layout. And they have professional people to do just that.

Again don't take it personally; this is not an attack. Just my observations.

I get the impression that you think that because someone else designs the card template, you are LESS of a designer(?!) People have different levels of skills and some Graphic Artists can design better looking card templates.

I hope you are not offended and that you understand what I am saying...

Best of luck(?!) with your game!

No, I totally understand. I

No, I totally understand. I know I'm not the best and we'll aware the professionals would blow me out of the water. Text on a page doesnt convey tone. I dont take offense to anything you've said, before or now.

I'm just worried that it would be changed so much that it would lose its theme/flavor/style or become something I love into something I like.

Publishers are buying a game, but what they're really buying is a mechanic. Which makes me wonder why go through the trouble of getting art and cards and theme when that can all be changed.

Well like I said...

It depends on the Publisher.

They're buying a "system" (is probably more accurate). A "system" is probably comprised with a handful of mechanics. But some Publisher, especially the newer ones are also looking for "great looking" products.

So if you manage to put together a card template that says: "Hmm... this is a game I would like to know more about..." well then you might be able to interest them in taking a closer look.

If they have a designer on-staff, maybe they'll make changes.

But the thing is this: don't worry about love vs. like. Just focus on making more SALES. That's what matters. If your game doesn't sell, well then a Publisher will "shelve" it and move on to another game.

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