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Main Board Tracking Counters

Main Board Tracking Counters


Main board counters alternative to individual player track sheets. I think individual boards for a six players game may not scale down your costs, in fact, you are adding a new bulkier (is that a word?) game component by itself, and not the cheapest one. If players can perform a single mission at a time, maybe the mission counter in the side of the main board is the simplest way. Moreover, if everybody can see the time remaining, it's harder to cheat on others (individual boards, on the other hand, make things like that easier). Same goes for players health. I'm assuming you don't have 2 simultaneous health levels! As for fame in every city in the board, you could draw a counter around each of them, so every one can visualize every player situation without going around all other individual sheets (not to mention they have to be able to relate the city names in the individual board with their actual position in the map). Counter tokens are small and simple pieces, so they are not expensive. They use the player's colour.

Boards, as you may imagine, are the thing I love the most of board games.

Keep thinking!

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